February 24, 2017


Five Seconds to Spare – 1999 | 99 mins | Drama, Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Five Seconds to Spare

Sadly overlooked convoluted thriller set against the backdrop of the music industry with plenty of nail-biting moments to keep viewers watching. Based on Jonathan Coe’s best-selling novel The Dwarves of Death and starring Max Beesley, Ray Winstone, Valentina Cervi, Sean Pertwee and a cameo by DJ John Peel.

Naive Macclesfield musician William (Max Beesley), and his band The Alaska Factory have pinned their hopes of success on London, the city of opportunity and dreams. But William’s dreams soon turn sour. The rest of the band detest William’s miserable songs and seem intent on producing more commercialised music, also the object of his affections, the perplexing Madeline, remains out of reach. And just to top it all, he witnesses the bizarre murder of Paisley, the lead singer of The Unfortunates, by a pair of dwarves. There is one bright spot on the horizon for William – Karla, the mysterious new pub barmaid.

Karla is attracted to William, but is it love, or sex, or does she have another agenda? After the murder of Paisley, William starts to learn more about Karla. Once a punk rocker in Glasgow in the late 70’s, the only record produced by her obscure band The Dwarves of Death, appears to be important in unravelling the connection between Karla and the frightening record producer Vincent (Ray Winstone).

Production Team

Tom Connolly: Director
Ray Chan: Art Direction
Matt Gray: Cinematography
Ashley Rowe: Cinematography
Caroline Biggerstaff: Film Editing
Ben Pope: Original Music
Amanda Posey: Producer
Tom Connolly: Script
Ronald Baileym: Sound Department
Søren Bjerregaard-Ryan: Sound Department
Mark Holding: Sound Department


Max Beesley: William
Ray Winstone: Vince
Gary Condes: Pedro
Kris Marshall: Martin
Anastasia Hille: Karla
Sean Pertwee: Piers
Andy Serkis: Chester
John Peel: John

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