February 21, 2017


For Better, for Worse – 1954 | 85 mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

For Better, for Worse

A great British cast was assembled for this comedy about marriage, adapted from the stage play by Arthur Watkyn. Tony Howard (Dirk Bogarde) and Anne Purves (Susan Stephen) are a couple of young lovers who decide to take the marital plunge after only a few weeks of courtship – and manage to convince Anne’s doubting parents (Cecil Parker and Eileen Herlie) to let them marry. Facing emotional difficulty, financial problems and stereotypical in-laws, the young newlyweds settle into a small one-room flat yet eventually rely upon a loan from Anne’s father to keep the wolves from the door. Somehow they survive and strive forward towards married bliss finally deciding to tough it out without any more financial aid from Anne’s parents in the future.

Production Team

J. Lee Thompson: Director
Michael Stringer: Art Direction
Guy Green: Cinematography
Peter Taylor: Editing
Wally Stott: Music
Kenneth Harper: Producer
J. Lee Thompson: Script


Dirk Bogarde: Tony Howard
Susan Stephen: Anne Purves
Cecil Parker: Anne\’s Father
Eileen Herlie: Anne\’s Mother
Dennis Price: Debenham
Athene Seyler: Miss Mainbrace
Pia Terri: Mrs Debenham
James Hayter: The Plumber

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