February 24, 2017


Forbidden – 1949 | 87 mins | Thriller, Crime | B&W


Plot Synopsis


Suspenseful dark thriller boasting a plethora of well-rounded characters from independent producer/director George King.

Set on Blackpoolís Golden Mile, Jim (Douglass Montgomery), a once promising scientist, sets up in business as a patent medicine man selling hair tonic at the fair with his ex-army colleague Dan (Ronald Shiner). Following a fight with local hoods over pitch spaces, Jim falls for Jane (Hazel Court), the girl on a nearby candy floss stall. The two begin dating but Jim fails to mention he is already married.

Jane discovers he is already married when Jimís wife Diana (Patricia Burke) pays her a visit at home and attempts to buy her off claiming she is merely the latest in a long line of affairs. But Jim protests that he is locked in a loveless marriage with a selfish wife only concerned with entering showbusiness. When Jim confronts his wife she refuses to grant him a divorce, so he attempts to murder her using his knowledge of chemistry and her reliance on slimming pills. Remorseful at what he has done, he rushes home but she is dead. He buries her beneath the floor of his workshop but the police become suspicious and corner a fleeing Jim on Blackpool Tower.

Production Team

George King: Director
Hone Glendinning: Cinematography
George Melachrino: Original Music
George King: Producer
Katherine Strueby: Script


Douglass Montgomery: Jim Harding
Hazel Court: Jane Thompson
Patricia Burke: Diana Harding
Garry Marsh: Jerry Burn
Ronald Shiner: Dan Collins
Kenneth Griffith: Johnny
Eliot Makeham: Mr Thompson
Frederick Leister: Dr Franklin
Richard Bird: Jennings
Michael Medwin: Cabby

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