February 20, 2017


Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – 1969 | 98 mins | Horror | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

The excellent script for Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed was a first and sole venture into screenwriting for Hammer cameraman Bert Batt. Both Terence Fisher and Peter Cushing objected to the uncomfortable rape scene perpetrated by the Baron, conflicting with his usually driven and ascetic character, but producer James Carreras rejected the suggestion in favour of more sex. Director Fisher portrays the Baron with sociopathic ruthlessness, yet contradicts this with moments of dignified charm. He also injects more pace than is usual and the extremely gruesome and atmospheric picture moves along at a lightning speed. Cushing’s truly frightening performance ranks as one of the finest and most confident of his screen career. Freddie Jones plays with mad abandon as the anguished victim, whilst Thorley Walters and Geoffrey Bayldon are on hand as able support.

After his recent philanthropic detours, Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) is now a frighteningly changed man. On the run from the police, Frankenstein blackmails Anna Spengler (Veronica Carlson) and her fiancÚ Dr Hoist (Simon Ward), who works at the local asylum and has been stealing drugs, into helping him kidnap his now-insane former colleague Dr Brandt (George Pravda).

Brandt is released, cured of his insanity, and his brain is transferred to the body of his superior, Professor Richter (Freddie Jones), when Brandt dies of a heart attack. He holds a secret which the Baron desperately needs to continue his work. Unable to communicate with his ‘widow’ Ella, Brandt/Richter escapes Hoist and goes on the rampage, visiting the grief-stricken Ella to condemn the Baron before trapping him in a blazing inferno.

Production Team

Terence Fisher: Director
Bernard Robinson: Art Direction
Mary Shelley: Characters
Arthur Grant: Cinematography
Gordon Hales: Film Editing
Eddie Knight: Makeup Department
Patricia McDermott: Makeup Department
James Bernard: Original Music
Anthony Nelson Keys: Producer
Bert Batt: Script
Tony Lumkin: Sound
Don Ranasinghe: Sound
Ken Rawkins: Sound
Bert Batt: Story
Anthony Nelson Keys: Story


Peter Cushing: Baron Frankenstein
Geoffrey Bayldon: Police Doctor
George Pravda: Doctor Brandt
Maxine Audley: Ella Brandt
Thorley Walters: Inspector Frisch
Simon Ward: Karl
Freddie Jones: Professor Richter
Veronica Carlson: Anna

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