February 25, 2017


Genevieve – 1953 | 86 mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis


Genevieve is a charming vintage comedy starring the 1904 Darracq of the title; Genevieve, driven by classic-car enthusiasts Alan and Wendy McKim (John Gregson and Dinah Sheridan). They’re competing in the annual London to Brighton rally, with ever cheerful Ambrose Claverhouse (Kenneth More) and trumpet-blowing Rosalind Peters (Kay Kendall). The two couples challenge each other to a friendly race on the return trip. The frolic becomes increasingly fierce as they speed to the Westminster Bridge finish line neck-and-neck, who’ll be first home? Nostalgia runs through it as through a stick of rock and Larry Adler’s harmonica strikes the same chord years on. Thanks to the appealing cinematography by Christopher Challis the film is full of the fresh air and colour of the English countryside.

Production Team

Henry Cornelius: Director
Michael Stringer: Art Direction
John Arnold: Assistant Director
Christopher Challis: Cinematography
Marjory Cornelius: Costume Design
Clive Donner: Editing
Earl St John: Executive Producer
Helen Penfold andd Paul Rabiger: Make-up Department
Muir Mathieson: Musical Director
Larry Adler: Original Music
Henry Cornelius: Producer
William Rose: Script
Gordon K McCallum: Sound Department
Harry Miller: Sound Department
CC Steven: Sound Department


Dinah Sheridan: Wendy McKim
John Gregson: Alan McKim
Kay Kendall: Rosalind Peters
Kenneth More: Ambrose Claverhouse
Geoffrey Keen: Policeman
Joyce Grenfell: Hotel proprietress
Reginald Beckwith: Motorist
Arthur Wontner: Old Gentleman
Edie Martin: Guest
Leslie Mitchell: Leslie Mitchell
Michael Medwin: Husband

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