February 20, 2017


Georgy Girl – 1966 | 100mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Georgy Girl

Thoroughly entertaining Swinging 60s comedy of sexual manners that was considered relatively bold when originally released in 1966, but Silvio Narizzano’s bold and cheeky portrait of promiscuity now looks understandably dated and self-conscious. James Mason and Lynn Redgrave both received Oscar nominations for their roles, and the rest of the cast deliver some memorable performances. Adapted from the novel by Margaret Forster.

Dowdy dance teacher, Georgy (Lynn Redgrave), a slightly chubby twenty-two year old virgin is exposed to a wild time by her bitchy, promiscuous flatmate Meredith (Charlotte Rampling) in swinging London. The wealthy middle-aged employer of her parents, James Leamington (James Mason), who once had purely paternal thoughts toward his servant’s daughter, changes as he tries to seduce Georgy into becoming his mistress. During a party, Leamington approaches a drunken Georgy with the formal offer of becoming his contracted mistress. Shortly afterward, the unmarried Meredith becomes pregnant and introduces Georgy to the father, Jos (Alan Bates). During a row between the trio in the flat, Georgy and Jos kiss, falling in love. Rather than give up the baby for adoption Meredith agrees to let her roommate raise the illegitimate child. Ultimately, Georgy wants to settle down, and cannot decide between the shallow Jos or the now-conveniently widowed sugar daddy Leamington, who has also indicated that he wants to marry her.

Production Team

Silvio Narizzano: Director
Tony Woollard: Art Direction
Kenneth Higgins: Cinematography
Mary Quant: Costume Design
John Bloom: Editing
Betty Glasow: Makeup Department
Harold Fletcher: Makeup Department
Tom Springfield: Original Music
Alexander Faris: Original Music
Otto Plaschkes: Producer
Robert A Goldston: Producer
Peter Nichols: Script
Jim Dale: Title Song Lyricist


James Mason: James Leamington
Alan Bates: Jos
Lynn Redgrave: Georgy
Charlotte Rampling: Meredith
Bill Owen: Ted

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