February 26, 2017


HMS Defiant – 1961 | 101 mins | Adventure | Colour


Plot Synopsis

HMS Defiant

Lacklustre seafaring tale of action and mutiny set during the Napoleonic wars and beautifully captured by Christopher Challis’ vibrant CinemaScope cinematography.

As commander of the British warship H.M.S. Defiant, the humane Captain Crawford (Alec Guinness) strives to maintain order throughout the ship against the ceaseless brutality of sadistic first officer Scott-Padget (Dirk Bogarde).

After Crawford is wounded in a fiery battle with a French treasure ship in the Mediterranean, angry midshipman Vizard (Anthony Quayle) leads the crew to mutiny when Scott-Padget takes over. Now with Vizard in command, Crawford persuades him to join the British fleet to help fight against France’s planned invasion of England in hopes for a mutiny pardon. But when a vengeful sailor murders Scott-Padget, the Defiant crew must decide between saving their country or their own lives.

Production Team

Lewis Gilbert: Director
Arthur Lawson: Art Direction
Christopher Challis: Cinematography
Peter R Hunt: Editing
Gordon Bond: Makeup Department
Freddie Williamson: Makeup Department
Clifton Parker: Original Music
John Brabourne: Producer
Edmund H North: Script
Nigel Kneale: Script
HL Bird: Sound Department
Red Law: Sound Department
Winston Ryder: Sound Department


Alec Guinness: Capt Crawford
Dirk Bogarde: 1st Lt Scott-Padget
Maurice Denham: Mr Goss
Nigel Stock: Senior Midshipman Kilpatrick
Richard Carpenter: 2nd Lt Ponsonby
Peter Gill: 3rd Lt D\’Arblay
Ray Brooks: Hayes
Anthony Quayle: Vizard
Tom Bell: Evans
Victor Maddern: Bosun Dawlish

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