February 27, 2017


Hell Is a City – 1960 | 98 mins | Crime, Thriller | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Hell Is a City

Val Guest‘s Hell Is a City (1960), is an unusually tough crime docu-thriller with some striking Manchester-area locations. Martineau (Stanley Baker), is a tough police inspector tracking down an escaped prisoner Don Starling (John Crawford) who turns murderer, whilst coping with a frigid, nagging wife (Maxine Audley) who resents the time he spends on his work. Billie Whitelaw was involved in a moment of discreet nudity that was quite surprising for a British film of that period.

Production Team

Val Guest: Director
Robert Jones: Art Direction
Arthur Grant: Cinematography
Jacky Jackson: Costume Design
James Needs: Editing
Stanley Black: Original Music
Michael Carreras: Producer
Val Guest: Script
Leslie Hammond: Sound
Len Shilton: Sound
AW Lumkin: Sound


Stanley Baker: Inspector Martineau
John Crawford: Don Starling
Donald Pleasence: Gus Hawkins
Maxine Audley: Julia Martineau
Billie Whitelaw: Chloe Hawkins
Joseph Tomelty: Furnisher Steele
George A Cooper: Doug Savage
Geoffrey Frederick: Devery
Vanda Godsell: Lucky Lusk
Charles Houston: Clogger Roach
Joby Blanshard: Tawny Jakes
Charles Morgan: Laurie Lovett

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