February 24, 2017


Hobson’s Choice – 1954 | 107mins | Drama, Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Hobson's Choice

David Leanís film adaptation of Harold Brighouse’s 1915 play Hobson’s Choice. Set in Salford, Manchester during Victorian times, the film tells the story of obstinate boot-shop owner Henry Hobson (Charles Laughton). Hobson dominates both his employees and his three daughters, only bothering to enquire about his meals before heading to the local public house for ale. His eldest daughter Maggie (Brenda De Banzie), becomes tired of his oafish behaviour and decides to rebel by seeking a husband. Much to the hilarity and consternation of her father, aged spinster Maggie sets her sights on shy Will Mossop (John Mills), Hobson’s master boot-maker. Mossop is at first stunned by the suggestion, but eventually agrees to Maggies authoritative persuasion, and together they set up a rival boot shop. Maggie marries Will, then decides to free her two sisters from their fathers tyrannical grip, and allow them to take husbands of their own choosing. Hobsonís health deteriorates and his business begins to decline without his accomplished boot-maker, Hobson is finally compelled to agree a merger with his daughter and Will.

Production Team

David Lean: Director
Wilfred Shingleton: Art Direction
Norman Spencer: Associate Producer
Jack Hildyard: Cinematography
John Armstrong: Costume Design
Peter Taylor: Editing
Tony Sforzini: Make-Up Dept
George Partleton: Make-Up Dept
Muir Mathieson: Music Direction
Malcolm Arnold: Original Music
David Lean: Producer
David Lean: Script
Norman Spencer: Script
Wynyard Browne: Script
Buster Ambler: Sound
John Cox: Sound
Red Law: Sound


Charles Laughton: Henry Horatio Hobson
Brenda De Banzie: Maggie Hobson
Daphne Anderson: Alice Hobson
Prunella Scales: Vicky Hobson
Richard Wattis: Albert Prosser
Derek Blomfield: Freddy Beenstock
Helen Haye: Mrs Hepworth
Gibb McLaughlin: Tudsbury
Philip Stainton: Denton
Julien Mitchell: Sam Minns
Joseph Tomelty: Jim Heeler
John Laurie: Dr MacFarlane
Raymond Huntley: Nathaniel Beenstock
John Mills: Willie Mossop

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