February 22, 2017


Holiday Camp – 1947 | 97 mins | Comedy, Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Holiday Camp

Entertaining microcosm of the working classes at play in the sphere of organised leisure during the immediate post-war years, told in a compendium of interlinked stories. Ken Annakin‘s kaleidoscope of life in a Butlin’s holiday camp was such a success that three more movies were made based around the adventures of cockney characters, the Huggetts. The film reflects something of the populist feeling which swept the Labour Party to victory in 1945, but time has mellowed the documentary quality of the picture.

For one summer week, Farleigh Holiday Camp is home to a disparate collection of holidaymakers: bus driver Joe Huggett with his family (Jack Warner and Kathleen Harrison), jilted seaman Jimmy Gardner (Jimmy Hanley), homely maid Elsie Dawson (Esma Cannon), a young couple out on a fling (Emrys Jones and Jeannette Tregarthen), refined old spinster Esther Harman (Flora Robson), and supposed RAF pilot Sq. Ldr. Hardwick (Dennis Price). Throughout the course of the week, young sailor Jimmy finds romance, Joe Huggett has to teach his son a few lessons about the perils of gambling, the young couple discover they are about to become three and Miss Harmon visits a ghost from her past.

Production Team

Ken Annakin: Director
Richard Yarrow: Art Direction
Jack E Cox: Cinematography
Julie Harris: Costume Design
Alfred Roome: Film Editing
WT Partleton: Makeup Department
Louis Levy: Music Direction
Bob Busby: Original Music
Sydney Box: Producer
Sydney Box: Script
Muriel Box: Script
Mabel Constanduros: Script
Peter Rogers: Script
Leslie Hammond: Sound Department
BC Sewell: Sound Department


Flora Robson: Esther Harman
Dennis Price: Sq Ldr Hardwick
Jack Warner: Joe Huggett
Hazel Court: Joan Huggett
Emrys Jones: Michael Halliday
Kathleen Harrison: Mrs Huggett
Yvonne Owenb: Angela Kirby
Esmond Knight: Camp Announcer
Jimmy Hanley: Jimmy Gardner
Peter Hammond: Harry Huggett
Esma Cannon: Elsie Dawson
John Blythe: Steve
Jeannette Tregarthen: Valerie Thompson
Beatrice Varley: Valerie\’s Aunt
Dennis Harkin: Charlie
Susan Shaw: Patsy Crawford
Maurice Denham: Camp Doctor

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