February 24, 2017


House! – 1999 | 89 mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis


A quirky Ealingesque comedy drama perfectly cast with the charming Kelly MacDonald portraying the spunky heroine. This thoroughly enjoyable tale of individuals and commerce struggling to cope with inevitable change is tinged with a real sense of sadness.

Linda (Kelly MacDonald), a young woman dealing with the recent death of her mother, works at La Scala, a dilapidated Welsh bingo hall run by suave Mr Anzani (Freddie Jones). When La Scala is threatened by the nearby opening of Mega Bingo, a major national bingo chain, Linda and her co-workers must devise a way to save the local spot. And discovering she has clairvoyant ESP to predict the winning numbers before they are called only seems to improve Linda’s situation.

Production Team

Julian Kemp: Director
Tom Pearce: Art Direction
Kjell Vassdal: Cinematography
Leila Ransley: Costume Design
Jonathon Rudd: Editing
Scott Beswick: Make-up Department
Carole Williams: Make-up Department
David Alldridge: Music Supervision
Craig Blake-Jones: Music Supervision
Michael Kelk: Producer
Kit Line: Production Design
Jason Sutton: Script
John Wakeham: Sound Department
Alan Jones: Sound Department


Kelly MacDonald: Linda
Gwenllian Davies: Peggy
Sue Hopkins: Pam
Eileen Edwards: Mrs Collins
Marlene Griffiths: Enid
Freddie Jones: Mr Anzani

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