February 21, 2017


I Know Where I’m Going! – 1945 | 91mins | Drama, Romance | B&W


Plot Synopsis

I Know Where I'm Going!

Stubborn, spoilt Joan Webster journeys north to marry wealthy Sir Robert Bellinger on the Scottish island of Kiloran, but a thick fog prevents her from leaving the mainland. Naval Lieutenant Torquil MacNeil suggests she spend the night at the house of his friend Catriona Potts. Next day the fog is replaced by a fierce gale, which again prevents a crossing. Torquil and Joan move to the Tobermory Hotel, on the way passing Castle Moy to which entry is forbidden to the Lairds of Kiloran by an ancient curse on the family. Torquil admits he is the penniless owner of Kiloran, forced to rent the island to Bellinger in order to pay the bills.

Still marooned, the pair attend a wedding anniversary ceilidh where it becomes clear that Torquil is in love with Joan, who, for the first time, is unsure of her feelings. She bribes young Kenny to take to sea in appalling weather but Torquil – concerned for Kenny’s safety – takes command of the boat himself and by his skill and strength saves them from being lost in the treacherous Corryvreckan whirlpool. Next day, Joan finally sets off for Kiloran as Torquil enters the forbidden Castle Moy. He learns the true nature of the legend as Joan returns to fulfil the prophesy: any MacNeil who enters shall not leave there a free man, but be chained to a woman for the rest of his days.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Emeric Pressburger: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
George R Busby: Associate Producer
John Tunstal: Asst Director
Erwin Hillier: Cinematography
Walter Goehr: Conductor
John Seabourne Sr: Editing
Allan Gray: Music
Emeric Pressburger: Producer
Michael Powell: Producer
Emeric Pressburger: Script
Michael Powell: Script
T Bagley: Sound
Gordon K McCallum: Sound
George Blackwell: Special Effects
Charles Staffell: Special Effects
Henry Harris: Special Effects


Wendy Hiller: Joan Webster
Roger Livesey: Torquil MacNeil
George Carney: Mr Webster
Finlay Currie: Ruairidh Mor
Captain Duncan Mechnie: Captain of \’Lochinvar\’
Walter Hudd: Hunter
Pamela Brown: Catriona Potts
Ian Sadler: Iain
Murdo Morrison: Kenny
Margot Fitzsimmons: Bridie
Petula Clark: Cheril
Graham Moffatt: RAF Sergeant
John Laurie: John Campbell

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