February 25, 2017


Ill Met by Moonlight – 1956 | 104mins | War, Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Ill Met by Moonlight

On occupied Crete British Major Paddy Leigh-Fermor plans to demoralise the German forces by kidnapping Commander in Chief General Kreipe with the help of Captain William Stanley Moss and the local underground resistance movement. Disguised as German Military Police, they hijack Kreipe’s car and, concealed by a heavy mist, thread their way on foot across the mountains unseen. Kreipe attempts to delay escape by claiming to have injured a shoulder, and sets a trail for his men to follow using his hat, medals and buttons.

The kidnappers find the rendezvous point surrounded by Germans, but after Kreipe has tried to bribe one of the Cretan boys, his plan backfires and the troops leave the spot unprotected. On the beach, Leigh-Fermor and Moss realise that they do not know how to signal Morse to the waiting British ship. Kreipe admonishes them as amateurs until Sandy, a British officer masquerading as a Cretan, signals to the vessel and they are picked up. Once aboard ship, Kreipe is handed his hat, medals and buttons, collected by Moss during the escape, and realises that his captors are not such amateurs as he believed.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Emeric Pressburger: Director
Alex Vetchinsky: Art Direction
Sydney Streeter: Associate Producer
Charles Orme: Asst Director
Christopher Challis: Cinematography
Nandi Routh: Costume Design
Arthur Stevens: Editing
Earl St John: Executive Producer
Paul Rabiger: Make-Up Artist
Mikis Theodorakis: Music
Frederick Lewis: Music Direction
Michael Powell: Producer
Emeric Pressburger: Producer
Jack Swinburne: Production Manager
Michael Powell: Script
Emeric Pressburger: Script
Charles Knott: Sound
Archie Ludski: Sound
Gordon K McCallum: Sound
Bill Warrington: Special Effects


Dirk Bogarde: Major Patrick Leigh Fermor
Marius Goring: General Karl Kreipe
David Oxley: Captain William \’Billy\’ Stanley Moss
Cyril Cusack: Sandy
Michael Gough: Andoni Zoidakis
Dimitri Andreas: Niko
Laurence Payne: Manoli
Wolfe Morris: George
John Cairney: Elias
Brian Worth: Stratis Saviolkis

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