February 27, 2017


I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – 2003 | 102 mins | Drama, Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Clive Owen reunites with Mike Hodges, director of US sleeper hit Croupier, to star in this neo-noir pastiche of Hodges seminal thriller Get Carter. Adapted from an original script by television screenwriter Trevor Preston, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is hindered by Owen’s languid monosyllabic performance, stereotyped cockney characters, awkward dialogue and illogical plot development.

Will Graham (Clive Owen), a former top mobster has since retired to a nomadic life as an anonymous logger in the Welsh forests after suffering a breakdown. His suave younger brother Davey (John Rhys-Davies) meanwhile has become a small-time crook swaggering through swanky London parties dealing drugs and engaging in petty theft until he’s violently sodomized late one night by wealthy car dealer Boad (Malcolm McDowell). Back at his flat, a traumatized Davey climbs into the bath and takes his life by committing suicide. His subsequent death coincides with the arrival of Will back in South London, and when he learns of his brotherís rape and subsequent suicide he descends back into the seedy underworld he left behind on a mission of revenge. Before he can find his brother’s rapist though, he has to tangle with new crime lord Frank Turner (Ken Stott), who thinks Graham’s come to reclaim his old manor.

Production Team

Mike Hodges: Director
John Ralph: Art Direction
Michael Garfath: Cinematography
Evangeline Harrison: Costume Design
Paul Carlinr: Film Editing
Isabelle Webley: Makeup Department
Dorka Nieradzik: Makeup Department
Simon Fisher-Turner: Original Music
Mike Kaplan: Producer
Jon Bunker: Production Design
Trevor Preston: Script
Max Bygrave: Sound Department
Tim Owens: Sound Department
George Richards: Sound Department


Clive Owen: Will
Charlotte Rampling: Helen
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: Davey
Malcolm McDowell: Boad
Jamie Foreman: Mickser
Ken Stott: Turner
Sylvia Syms: Mrs Bartz
Alexander Morton: Victor

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