February 28, 2017


It’s Love Again – 1936 | 83 mins | Comedy, Musical | B&W

Plot Synopsis

It's Love Again

Critically acclaimed Jessie Matthews musical originally titled ‘Say When’ but changed to match a prominent song in the film. The last highpoint of Jessie’s Matthews film career.

Peter (Robert Young) is instantly attracted to Elaine (Jessie Matthews), a young actress and introduces himself. As the gossip columnist on a paper, he decides to invent a new and mysterious celebrity to write about. His invention is Mrs Smythe-Smythe, a beautiful big-game-hunting socialite from India whose party calendar becomes very sought-after. She becomes a celebrity, and Elaine seizes the opportunity to impersonate her to gain attention. When Peter finds out that his imaginary star has appeared in person, he is mystified. Meanwhile Elaine is unaware that Peter is in fact the writer behind the character.

Production Team

Victor Saville: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
Glen MacWilliams: Cinematography
Joe Strassner: Costume Department
Marianne: Costume Department
Al Barnes: Editing
Louis Levy: Music Direction
Bretton Byrd: Music Direction
Harry M Woods Songs by Sam Coslow: Music Direction
Michael Balcon: Producer
Lesser Samuels: Script
Austin Melford: Script
A O’Donoghue: Sound


Jessie Matthews: Elaine Bradford
Robert Young: Peter Carlton
Sonnie Hale: Freddy
Ernest Milton: Raymond
Robb Wilton: Boys
Sara Allgood: Mrs Hopkins
Warren Jenkins: Woolf
David Horne: Durland
Athene Seyler: Mrs Durland

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