February 22, 2017


It’s Your Move – 1982 | 30 mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis

It's Your Move

Itís Your Move was Eric Sykes third almost dialogue-free remake of one of his earlier 1960s short films for Thames Television; following on from The Plank (1979) and Rhubarb Rhubarb (1980). The plot centres on a gang of inept removal men creating havoc when a married couple move into their first home.

Richard Briers and Sylvia Syms move into their new detached suburban London home with the assistance of Bumsteads incompetent removal men; namely Eric Sykes, Tommy Cooper, Bob Todd, Noel Murphy and Johnny Vyvyan. All the chaos is overseen by policeman on the beat Jimmy Edwards, neighbour Bernard Cribbins and grand old lady Irene Handle in her chauffeur-driven Mini.

Production Team

Eric Sykes: Director
Trevor Waite: Film Editing
Alan Braden: Original Music
Dennis Kirkland: Producer
Alison Wratten: Production Design
Eric Sykes: Script


Eric Sykes: Head removal man
Tommy Cooper: Big removal man
Richard Briers: The husband
Bernard Cribbins: Neighbour
Jimmy Edwards: Policeman
Irene Handl: Grand old lady
Andrew Sachs: Roadsweeper
Sylvia Syms: The wife

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