February 24, 2017


Jassy – 1947 | 96 mins | Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis


This 19th century melodrama is based on the brooding novel by Norah Lofts and is composed of the usual lush Technicolor photography, extravagant sets, and elegant costumes that remained Gainsborough’s bodice-ripping trademark.

Jassy (Margaret Lockwood) is a tempestuous gypsy girl blessed with the gift of second sight, and when superstitious villagers are on the point of submitting her to a ducking in the village pool, a young man, Barney (Dermot Walsh), intervenes to save her. They are separated soon afterwards when it becomes clear Jassy has romantic feelings towards Barnery, but from her humble beginnings as a servant girl she eventually succeeds in becoming mistress of a fine old English mansion. The country home was once the property of Walsh’s father (Dennis Price) until he lost it to the boorish Helmar (Basil Sydney) in a drunken card game.

Helmar was also responsible for killing Jassy’s father in a shooting incident years earlier. She manages to avenge the misfortunes of both her father and Barney by marrying Helmar, whom she does not love, with the mansion as a dowry. When Helmar dies of illness, she is accused of his murder, a crime she did not commit. Jassy must clear herself in order to give the house back to its rightful owner whom she truly loves.

Production Team

Bernard Knowles: Director
George Provis: Art Direction
Maurice Carter: Art Direction
Geoffrey Unsworth: Cinematography
Elizabeth Haffenden: Costume Design
A Charles Knott: Film Editing
WT Partleton: Makeup Department
Henry Geehl: Original Music
Sydney Box: Producer
Dorothy Christie: Script
Geoffrey Kerr: Script
Campbell Christie: Script
BC Sewell: Sound Department
Sid Wiles: Sound Department


Margaret Lockwood: Jassy Woodroffe
Dennis Price: Christopher Hatton
Patricia Roc: Dilys Helmer
Basil Sydney: Nick Helmar
Dermot Walsh: Barney Hatton
Esma Cannon: ‘Lindy’ Belinda Wicks
Cathleen Nesbitt: Elizabeth Twisdale
Linden Travers: Mrs Beatrice Helmar
Nora Swinburne: Mrs Hatton
Ernest Thesiger: Sir Edward Follesmark
Jean Cadell: Meggie
John Laurie: Woodroofe

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