February 27, 2017


Kate Plus Ten – 1938 | 81 mins | Crime, Thriller | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Kate Plus Ten

Light-hearted comedy-thriller based on a novel byEdgar Wallace. Like so many Wallace stories logic takes a back seat, but thespeeding train sequence generates some lively thrills, and Hulbert and Tobin crafta likeable onscreen chemistry. Tobin is wickedly delightful as Kate, and Hulbert,who co-wrote the screenplay with Jeffrey Dell, gives an agreeable performancein spite of the artificiality of the role.

Lord’s Flamborough’s secretary, Kate Westhanger(GenevieveTobin), is in truth the notorious leader of a gang of ten crooks who plan to robthe Lord’s gold bullion shipment. Meanwhile, Scotland Yard Inspector MikePemberton (Jack Hulbert) is on Kate’s trail as she’s the chief suspect, but unbeknownto Kate the ten cohorts are intent on double-crossing her. The bullion deliveryarrives at Seahampton docks and is due to journey by rail to the Metropolitan Bank,but the thieves uncouple the carriage and make off with the bullion on arunaway train. Kate and Pemberton subsequently board a locomotive and attempt tocut off the gang’s getaway cars.

Production Team

Reginald Denham: Director
DW Daniels: Art Direction
Roy Kellino: Cinematography
Inman Hunter: Film Editing
Allan Gray: Original Music
Richard Wainwright: Producer
Jeffrey Dell: Script
Jack Hulbert: Script
MR Cruickshank: Sound Department


Jack Hulbert: Inspector Mike Pemberton
Genevieve Tobin: Kate Westhanger
Noel Madison: Gregori
Francis L Sullivan: Lord Flamborough
Arthur Wontner: Colonel Westhanger
Frank Cellier: Sir Ralph Sapson
Peter Haddon: Boltover
Googie Withers: Lady Moya
Edward Lexy: Sergeant
Felix Aylmer: Bishop

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