February 24, 2017


King Solomon’s Mines – 1937 | 80 mins | Drama, Adventure | B&W


Plot Synopsis

King Solomon's Mines

Brilliantly staged, but rather spottily acted (Paul Robeson excepted) account H. Rider Haggard’s famous African adventure.

The film is about a quest in Africa to find the fabled King Solomon’s Mines, a fabulously wealthy diamond mine deep in the heart of the jungle. The explorers, led by Allan Quartermaine (Cedric Hardwicke), are searching for Patrick O’Brien, the father of Kathy (Anna Lee), who disappeared while searching for King Solomon’s Mines. The explorers fall into the hands of hostile natives, but their guide Umbopa (Paul Robeson) convinces the warriors he is their rightful chief, and the adventurers escape, with the help of a handy eclipse of the sun. When the expedition finally locates the legendary diamond repository, an erupting volcano buries King Solomon’s Mines forever.

Production Team

Robert Stevenson: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
George Barkas: Associate Producer
Cyril J Knowles: Cinematography
Glen MacWilliams: Cinematography
Michael Gordon: Editing
Louis Levy: Music Direction
Mischa Spoliansky: Original Music
Ralph Spence: Script
Charles Bennett: Script
AR Rawlinson: Script
Roland Pertwee: Script
Michael Hogan: Script
A Birch: Sound


Paul Robeson: Umbopa
Cedric Hardwicke: Allan Quartermain
Roland Young: Commander Good
John Loder: Sir Henry Curtis
Anna Lee: Kathleen \’Kathy\’ O\’Brien
Arthur Sinclair: Patrick \’Patsy\’ O\’Brien
Robert Adams: Twala

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