February 21, 2017


Ladies Who Do – 1963 | 85 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Ladies Who Do

Fanciful comedy about a group of cleaning ladies who find a unique way of making money on the Stock Exchange. C M Pennington Richards flat direction and Michael (brother of co-star Jon) Pertwee’s ponderous script tends to lend leaden feet to what should be Ealing-style whimsy. Harry H. Corbett is joined by fellow sitcom stalwarts Peggy Mount, Dandy Nichols and Miriam Karlin whilst Robert Morley, Jon Pertwee and Ron Moody provide strong support.

Mrs. Cragg (Peggy Mount) and her neighbours in Pitt Street are cleaners in the big city office blocks of London. Mrs Cragg also works part-time as a housemaid for retired Colonel Whitforth (Robert Morley), an impecunious gambler on the stock market. Early one morning Mrs Clegg is under a desk cleaning when property executive James Ryder (Harry H. Corbett) arrives and discusses a potential take-over. She salvages a cigar from the dustbin for the Colonel, wrapping it in Ryder’s discarded telegram.

The telegram contains details of a takeover approach and the Colonel uses the inside information to make a killing on the stock market. He shares the profits with Mrs Clegg and together with three other ‘chars’ they form Ladezudu, a speculation syndicate with Whitforth as the expert and the ladies providing the information from their offices. After some initial success they gamble all their capital in Irish pigs but swine fever eliminates all their investment. Meanwhile Ryder is negotiating the redevelopment of Pitt Street, his own home ground, with a time limit for demolition to start. The ladies and their friends gang up, confounding both the contractors and the police. Just as Pitt Street is on the verge of descending into a riot, Whitforth arrives with promising news for all.

Production Team

C.M Pennington-Richards: Director
Harry White: Art Direction
Geoffrey Faithfull: Cinematography
Harry Haynes: Costume Design
Tina Swanson: Costume Design
Oswald Hafenrichter: Film Editing
Eddie Knight: Makeup Department
Ron Goodwin: Original Music
George H Brown: Producer
Michael Pertwee: Script
Stephen Dalby: Sound Department


Peggy Mount: Mrs Cragg
Robert Morley: Colonel Whitforth
Harry H Corbett: James Ryder
Miriam Karlin: Mrs Higgins
Avril Elgar: Emily Parish
Dandy Nichols: Mrs Merryweather
Jon Pertwee: Sidney Tait
Joan Benham: Miss Pinsent
Ron Moody: Police Inspector
Nigel Davenport: Mr Strang
John Laurie: Dr MacGregor
Graham Stark: Foreman
Harry Fowler: Drill Operator

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