February 24, 2017


Last Orders – 2002 | 109 mins | Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Last Orders

Director Fred Schepisi faithfully adapts Graham Swift’s 1996 Booker Prize winning novel Last Orders, aiming to recreate the atmosphere of old codgers sitting at a Cockney bar taking a walk down memory lane. The intelligent and touching film brings together some of Britain’s most distinguished actors making an emotional trip to the seaside.

A group of old friends get together following the death of charismatic East End butcher Jack Dodds (Michael Caine), whose last wish was for them all to go on a road trip from London to the seaside town of Margate to scatter his ashes off the pier. As the sentimental journey progresses their emotional histories and heartbreaks unfold as they reminisce the loss of their dearly departed friend. Ray (Bob Hoskins), a dodgy bookie, Lenny (David Hemmings), an ex-boxer, Vic (Tom Courtenay), a serene undertaker; and Vince (Ray Winstone), Jack’s son, recollect the group’s younger days, shedding light on their relationships and suppressed secrets. As the foursome speed across the Kent countryside in a shiny Mercedes from Vince’s used-car dealership, Jack’s widow Amy (Helen Mirren) undertakes her own significant journey to visit their mentally handicapped daughter, June (Laura Morelli), who Jack refused to acknowledge. The pilgrimage gradually turns into a pub-crawl as the drinking buddies discover more through a series of revealing flashbacks.

Production Team

Fred Schepisi: Director
Paul Cross: Art Direction
Brian Tufano: Cinematography
Jill Taylor: Costume Design
Kate Williams: Editing
Norma Webb: Makeup Department
Deborah Jarvis: Makeup Department
Paul Grabowsky: Original Music
Gary Smith: Producer
Fred Schepisi: Producer
Elisabeth Robinson: Producer
Tim Harvey: Production Design
Fred Schepisi: Script
Richard Dunford: Sound Department
Jim Greenhorn: Sound Department
Max Hoskins: Sound Department
Steve Finn: Sound Department
Stuart Brisdon: Special Effects
Mark Haddenham: Special Effects
Peter Haran: Special Effects
Casper Lailey: Special Effects
James Davis III: Special Effects

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