February 21, 2017


Latin Quarter – 1945 | 80 mins | Thriller, Mystery | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Latin Quarter

Suspenseful thriller based on the play L’Angoisse by Pierre Mills and C. Vylars and produced by British National. Lustrously photographed by Gunther Krampf, this was director Vernon Sewell’s second attempt to capture the Grand Guignol tale after an earlier attempt with The Medium (1934), he would film two further adaptations in Ghost Ship (1952) and House of Mystery (1961). Frederick Valk had appeared only month’s earlier as the central inquisitor in another macabre chiller; Ealing’s Dead of Night (1945).

1893, Parisian sculptor Charles Garrie (Derrick de Marnay) enters into a deadly ménage à trios with ex-ballerina Christine (Joan Greenwood); the wife of fellow sculptor Anton Minetti (Beresford Egan). Anton is slowly going insane and when he discovers his wife’s illicit affair, he snaps completely and kills his young wife, concealing her body in a very fitting and characteristic manner. He is eventually arrested for another murder, that of his mistress, and later dies in a madhouse.

Told in flashback from the sculptor’s haunted studio in the seedy Latin Quarter of Paris, Charles relates to Teutonic criminologist Dr. Krasner (Frederick Valk) the story of his lost love. A psychic is called in and a séance uncovers the location of Christine.

Production Team

Vernon Sewell: Director
Günther Krampf: Cinematography
Allan Gray: Original Music
Derrick De Marney: Producer
Louis H Jackson: Producer
Vernon Sewell: Script
C Vylars: Script
Harold V King: Sound Department


Derrick De Marney: Charles Garrie
Frederick Valk: Dr Ivan Krassner
Beresford Egan: Anton Minetti
Joan Greenwood: Christine Minetti
Joan Seton: Lucille Lindbeck
Lily Kann: Maria
Martin Miller: The Morgue Keeper
Valentine Dyall: Prefect of Police

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