February 26, 2017


Live Now,Pay Later – 1962 | 104 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Live Now, Pay Later

Jack Trevor Story’s screenplay is taken from Jack Lindsay’s novel, All on the Never-Never, and this cynical tale of the shift from post-war austerity into rampant consumerism has many amusing moments, but overall it is untidy and does not develop the personalities of some of the main characters sufficiently. Extraneous situations are dragged in without helping the plot development over much. Ian Hendry’s seedy salesman has a certain brash, breezy assurance, but no charm,and Hendry plays it to the point of irritation. June Ritchie, as the main girlin the case, confirms the promising impression she made in her debut in A Kind of Loving, but she can do little in this cardboard role of wronged young mistress. John Gregson is effectively cast against type as a dislikeable and amoral character.

Albert Argyle (Ian Hendry) is a smart Alec, philandering, double-crossing tallyman who, with two illegitimate babies to his discredit, still finds that the easiest way to bluff his female patrons into getting hocked up to their eyebrows in credit buying is via the bedroom. His employer, Callendar (John Gregson), has aspirations of building a large department store opposite his current shop on ground in the hands of real estate agent Reggie Corby (Geoffrey Keen). Meanwhile, Albert is trying to patch up a row that he has had with his steady girlfriend, Treasure Hunter (June Ritchie). Tragedy will soon unite Albert, Callendar and Corby, but all three are more selfishly concerned with their own careers.

Production Team

Jay Lewis: Director
Lionel Couch: Art Direction
Jack Hildyard: Cinematography
Roger Cherrill: Film Editing
Ron Grainer: Original Music
Joe Vegoda: Producer
Jack Hanbury: Producer
Jack Lindsay: Script
Jack Trevor Story: Script
Charles Poulton: Sound Department


Ian Hendry: Albert
June Ritchie: Treasure
John Gregson: Callendar
Liz Fraser: Joyce Corby
Geoffrey Keen: Reggie Corby
Jeanette Sterken: Grace
Peter Butterworth: Fred
Nyree Dawn Porter: Marjorie Mason

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