February 23, 2017


Lost – 1956 | 91 mins | Thriller | Colour

Plot Synopsis


Every parentís nightmare is sensitively handled in this documentary-style drama with a fair share of tension and excitement. Charting the abduction of an 18-month-old baby in 1950s London. The film focuses on the harrowing effect the abduction has on the childís traumatised American parents, US Embassy worker Lee Cochrane (David Knight) and his wife Sue (Julia Arnall), the police and the press. The couple’s nanny (Anne Paige) leaves their baby boy in a pram while she goes into a chemistís store, when she returns the baby is gone. Detective Inspector Craig (David Farrar) has few clues to work with, and time is running out. Regardless of warnings not to get involved, the parents pursue a red herring when crooks demand a ransom Ė despite not having the child. Ultimately, a torn page from a book leads to a cliff-top climax with the tormented baby-snatcher.

Production Team

Guy Green: Director
Harry Waxman: Cinematography
Anne V Coates: Editing
Benjamin Frankel: Original Music
Vivian Cox: Producer
Janet Green: Script
Roger Cherrill: Sound
Gordon K McCallum: Sound
John W Mitchell: Sound


David Farrar: Det Insp Craig
David Knight: Lee Cochrane
Julia Arnall: Sue Cochrane
Anthony Oliver: Sgt Lyel
Thora Hird: Kelly\’s landlady
Eleanor Summerfield: Sgt Cook
Anne Paige: Nanny
Marjorie Rhodes: Mrs Jeffries

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