February 25, 2017


Love on Wheels – 1932 | 86 mins | Musical | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Love on Wheels

Following their success in Sunshine Susie, both Jack Hulbert and Renate Muller were given further films based on original German scripts. Love on Wheels, (1932) was a Hulbert vehicle with the store scenes shot at Selfridges in London, adapted from a screenplay by Franz Schulz and Ernst Angel.

The story concerns store assistant Fred (Jack Hulbert), aiming to impress Jane (Leonora Corbett) by posing as the store’s advertising manager. Sacked, he thwarts store thieves, gets himself re-engaged and actually becomes advertising manager in earnest. He tracks down Jane, who had left him, earning a living as a pianist and puts he in-charge of the store’s music department.

Production Team

Victor Saville: Director
Alex Vetchinsky: Art Direction
Mutz Greenbaum: Cinematography
Michael Balcon: Producer
Angus MacPhail: Script
Victor Saville: Script
Douglas Furber: Script
Robert Stevenson: Script
Franz Schulz): Script


Jack Hulbert: Fred Hopkins
Edmund Gwenn: Philpotts
Leonora Corbett: Jane Russell
Gordon Harker: Briggs
Tony De Lungo: Bronelli
Percy Parsons: Crook
Roland Culver: Salesman

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