February 25, 2017


Luna De Miel – 1959 | 109 mins | Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Luna De Miel

Honeymooning in Spain with his bride Anna, Australian farmer Kit Kelly (Anthony Steele) offers a lift to a stranded motorist who they discover is a famous dancer. Learning that Anna is a former ballerina, Antonio asks her to join his company, but the newlyweds insist on continuing with their journey. Antonio meets them at every stop and persists with his efforts to persuade her to dance with him. Kit becomes increasingly jealous, more so when he finds Anna rehearsing with Antonio. Anna later dreams of dancing in Antonio’s ballet, but -’sleep-dancing’ out to the edge of the roof of the hotel – is rescued by Kit before the dance reaches its tragic conclusion. They leave Madrid to continue their honeymoon. Antonio announces that his dance company is about to embark on their own world tour, he will be looking for Anna as they travel.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Manuel de Falla: Additional Music
Ivor Beddoes: Art Direction
Judith Coxhead: Associate Producer
William J Paton: Associate Producer
Sydney Streeter: Associate Producer
Ricardo Blasco: Asst Director
Claude Renoir: Cinematography
Georges Périnal: Cinematography
Thomas Beecham: Conductor
Peter Taylor: Editing
John Victor-Smith: Editing
Mikis Theodorakis: Music
Michael Powell: Producer
Cesáreo González: Producer
Michael Powell: Script
Luis Escobar: Script
Gregorio Martínez Sierra: Script
John Cox: Sound
Janet Davidson: Sound
Fernando Bernáldez: Sound


Anthony Steele: Kit Kelly
Ludmilla Tcherina: Anna
Antonio: Himself
Léonide Massine: \’Der Geist\’
Rosita Segovia: Rosita Candelas
Carmen Rojas: Lucia

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