February 24, 2017


Make Mine Mink – 1960 | 99 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Make Mine Mink

Hilarious farce based on the successful stage play Breath of Spring by Peter Coke. The screwball comedy involves a disparate group of lodgers in a Kensington boarding house owned by eccentric dowager Dame Beatrice (Athene Seyler) who turn into modern day Robin Hoods.

Reformed convict turned maid, Lily (Billie Whitelaw), wishes to do something nice for her kind-hearted employer Dame Beatrice, and with the help of a fishing rod manages to hook a mink hastily thrown onto a balcony by their next-door neighbour Mr. Spanager (Sidney Tafler). The residents realise the mink is stolen and endeavour to replace it without Lilyís knowledge. Retired resident Major Rayne (Terry-Thomas) is under the impression he is in charge of the proceedings, but his military precision is at times disastrous. Along with disgruntled etiquette teacher Nanette (Hattie Jacques) and Pinkie (Elspeth Duxbury), the genteel partners-in-crime have their pilfering appetite whet and soon launch into a series of fur-stealing raids on shops and homes to raise money for a children’s home. Classed as genuine crooks by the police; in a moment of unique irony itís ex-con Lily that is first to realise their criminal deeds.

Production Team

Robert Asher: Director
Carmen Dillon: Art Direction
Reginald H Wyer: Cinematography
Anthony Mendleson: Costume Design
Roger Cherrill: Editing
WT Partleton: Makeup Department
Olga Angelinetta: Makeup Department
Philip Green: Original Music
Hugh Stewart: Producer
Michael Pertwee: Script
Peter Blackmore: Script
Bill Daniels: Sound Department
Alastair McIntyre: Sound Department
CC Stevens: Sound Department


Terry-Thomas: Major Rayne
Athene Seyler: Dame Beatrice
Hattie Jacques: Nanette Parry
Elspeth Duxbury: Pinkie
Billie Whitelaw: Lily
Jack Hedley: Jim Benham
Raymond Huntley: Inspector Pape
Irene Handl: Madame Spolinski
Sydney Tafler: Mr Spanager
Joan Heal: Mrs Spanager
Penny Morrell: Gertrude
Noel Purcell: Burglar
Kenneth Williams: Freddie Warrington
Clement Freud: Croupier
Ron Moody: Old Porter

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