February 28, 2017


Man of Aran – 1934 | 76 mins | Documentary | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Man of Aran

Robert Flaherty’s first sound film is a brilliant dramatised documentary – although not recognised as such by all contemporary writers – about the Herculean struggles of a community living on the remote island of Aran off the Irish coast. The island is so barren that the soil has to be collected from rock crevices and mixed with seaweed before crops can be grown. A thrilling battle between the island fishermen and a huge basking shark essential for the supply of oil in winter is the showpiece of a superbly photographed film.

Production Team

Robert J Flaherty: Director
Robert J Flaherty: Cinematography
John Goldman: Editing
John Greenwood: Music
Michael Balcon: Producer
Robert J Flaherty: Script
H Hand: Sound


Maggie Dirrane: His Wife
Michael Dillane: Their Son
Pat Mullin: Shark Hunter
Patcheen Faherty: Shark Hunter
Tommy O’Rourke: Shark Hunter
Stephen Dirrane: Canoeman
Pat McDonough: Canoeman

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