February 24, 2017


Missing, Believed Married – 1937 | 66 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Missing, Believed Married

Weak comedy. Heiress Hermione runs off in hysterics when discovering she was to marry a bogus count. Knocked unconscious during a street scuffle, she suffers amnesia and is looked after by two street traders. The count tracks her down and persuades her to go with him to Paris but the two traders follow and rescue her from his clutches.

Production Team

John Paddy Carstairs: Director
Francis Carver: Cinematography
Anthony Havelock-Allan: Producer
AR Rawlinson: Script


Emilio Cargher: Emilio Graffia
Peter Coke: Peter
Irene Handl: Chambermaid
Wally Patch: Flatiron Stubbs
Charles Paton: Mr Horton
Margaret Rutherford: Lady Parke
Hazel Terry: Hermione Blakiston
Julian Vedey: Mario Moroni

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