February 27, 2017


Mrs Brown – 1997 | 103 mins | Drama, Romance | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Mrs. Brown

The story of Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) and plain speaking Scottish horseman, John Brown (Billy Connolly), who coaxed her out of her grief for her beloved Albert, director John Madden examines the balance of private life and public duty, but it is at heart a restrained and resonant love story.

Beautifully acted by Judi Dench, Queen Victoria is fiercely regal, but also a woman in pain, glimpsing a renewed life; and Billy Connolly, subduing his wilder antics as the loyal and loving Brown. Brown is called upon to bring the royal widow out of her prolonged mourning and brighten her life. Brown applies himself to the task with such vigour – not only drawing the Queen out of her depression but also actually compelling her to enjoy herself. There’s a real chemistry between the two but Brown quickly alienates most of her dutiful staff, particularly snooty secretary Sir Henry Ponsonby (Geoffrey Palmer) and frustrated son Bertie (David Westhead). The closeness of the friendship between the Queen and Brown sets the gossips tongues wagging about the impropriety of what appears to be an affair between Queen and commoner. The dull political world is cleverly portrayed by Benjamin Disraeli (Anthony Sher), the manipulative yet eloquent statesman.

Production Team

John Madden: Director
Charlotte Watts: Art Direction
Paul Sarony: Associate Producer
Richard Greatrex: Cinematography
Deirdre Clancy: Costume Design
Robin Sales: Editing
Andrea Calderwood: Executive Producer
Nigel Warren-Green: Executive Producer
Douglas Rae: Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton: Executive Producer
Veronica Brebner: Make-up Department
Beverly Binda: Make-up Department
Lisa Westcott: Make-up Department
Stephen Warbeck: Original Music
Sarah Curtis: Producer
Martin Childs: Production Design
Jeremy Brock: Script
Simon Brown: Sound Department
John Downer: Sound Department
Sarah Morton: Sound Department
Rupert Scrivener: Sound Department
Alistair Crocker: Sound Department
Tony Harding: Special Effects


Judi Dench: Queen Victoria
Billy Connolly: John Brown
Geoffrey Palmer: Henry Ponsonby
Antony Sher: Disraeli
Gerard Butler: Archie Brown
Richard Pasco: Doctor Jenner
David Westhead: Prince of Wales
Bridget McConnel: Lady Ely
Georgie Glen: Lady Churchill

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