February 25, 2017


Murder at the Gallop – 1963 | 81 mins | Crime, Thriller | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Murder at the Gallop

Director George Pollock effortlessly blends clues and comedy in Margaret Rutherford‘s second Miss Marple outing, Murder at the Gallop, which was based on Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot whodunit After the Funeral. Margaret Rutherford is an absolute delight as Christie’s wily amateur sleuth, whilst co-star Flora Robson adds a touch of class and Robert Morley indulges in the odd moment of scene-stealing.

Miss Marple (Margaret Rutherford) and close friend Jim Stringer (Stringer Davis) are busily collecting donations for The Reformed Criminals League, when they witness the death of wealthy old St Mary Mead recluse Mr. Enderby (Finlay Currie). Police Inspector Craddock (as Charles Tingwell) instanty dismisses Miss Marple’s concerns over Mr. Enderby’s death and attributes his demise to a weak heart. Miss Marple isn’t so sure, and with the assistance of Mr Stringer eavesdrops the reading of the dead man’s will. His not-so-bereaved relatives hear Aunt Cora raise doubts over the cause of Mr. Enderby’s death and claim foul play was involved.

Cora is soon made to pay for her frank suspicions by a quick and painful exit at the end of a hat pin. Miss Marple is now determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, so she signs into The Gallop riding club owned by Hector Enderby (Robert Morley), nephew of the dead man. Once entrenched, she learns that the three remaining heirs are all interested in acquiring what an apparently worthless painting owned by the late Cora. The picture in question is, in fact, a French masterpiece worth a fortune. Another relative, George Crossfield (Robert Urquhart), is murdered before Miss Marple finally narrows down the identity of the killer and sets a trap to prove her suspiscions.

Production Team

George Pollock: Director
Frank White: Art Direction
Arthur Ibbetson: Cinematography
Bert Rule: Film Editing
Pearl Orton: Makeup Department
Eddie Knight: Makeup Department
Ron Goodwin: Original Music
George H Brown: Producer
James P Cavanagh: Script
David Bowen: Sound Department
Denis Rogers: Sound Department
AW Watkins: Sound Department


Margaret Rutherford: Miss Jane Marple
Stringer Davis: Mr Stringer
Robert Morley: Hector Enderby
Flora Robson: Miss Milchrest
Charles Tingwell: Inspector Craddock
Gordon Harris: Sergeant Bacon
Robert Urquhart: George Crossfield
Katya Douglas: Rosamund Shane
James Villiers: Michael Shane
Noel Howlett: Mr Trundell
Finlay Currie: Old Enderby
Duncan Lamont: Hillman

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