February 23, 2017


My Brother’s Keeper – 1948 | 96 mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

My Brother's Keeper

Two prisoners on their way to a West Country jail have escaped handcuffed together. One, George Martin (Jack Warner), is a hardened criminal; his companion Willie (George Cole) is a simple-minded youth who declares he is innocent of the crime for which he is awaiting trial.

Martin steals a corporal’s uniform and passes Willie off as a deserter in his charge. They make their way to a garage owned by friendly Nora Lawrence, who gives them a night’s shelter. Next morning, while filing their handcuffs apart in a lonely cottage, they are disturbed by a man with a sporting gun. Martin has no compunction in killing him. A little later, their handcuffs broken, he deserts Willie. Meanwhile, the police hunt has been joined by Ronald Waring, whose news-editor disdains the fact that Ronald is on his honeymoon.

While he is being shaved in a barber’s shop Martin finds. himself sitting next to the local police sergeant. Then, seeking refuge in a chapel, he. is recognised by the sergeant’s wife while Willie gives himself up and is charged with the sportsman’s murder. Martin telephones his wife for money. A sympathetic taxi-driver drives her from London to bring it to him. They arrive as the fugitive is cornered in the woods. With the police on three sides, he makes a final bid for freedom by entering a minefield. Watched by reporters, sightseers, his wife, and Nora, he nimbly picks his way. Suddenly there is a, flash, a roar, a spout of smoke; the pursuit is over.

Production Team

Alfred Roome: Director
George Provis: Art Direction
Bob Attwooll: Asst Director
Gordon Lang: Cinematography
Julie Harris: Costume Designer
Esmond Seal: Editing
A Charles Knott: Editing
WT Partleton: Make-Up Artist
London Symphony Orchestra: Music
Clifton Parker: Music Composition
John Hollingsworth: Music Direction
Anthony Darnborough: Producer
Sydney Box: Production Supervisor
Frank Harvey Jnr: Script
BC Sewell: Sound/Sound Designer


Jack Warner: George Martin
George Cole: Willie Stannard
Jane Hylton: Nora Lawrence
Bill Owen: Syd Evans
David Tomlinson: Ronnie Waring
Yvonne Owen: Meg Waring
Raymond Lovell: Wainwright
Beatrice Varley: Mrs Martin
Amy Veness: Mrs Gully
Brenda Bruce: Winnie Forman
Susan Shaw: Beryl

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