February 23, 2017


My Kingdom – 2001 | 117 mins | Drama, Crime | Colour


Plot Synopsis

My Kingdom

In one of his final roles, Richard Harris exudes tragic grandeur in this uneven gangland interpretation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. My Kingdom tells the story of a close-knit crime family consumed by avarice, anger and anguish, all set against a distinctive cold grey Liverpool backdrop. Richard Harris makes a restrained King Lear, Louise Lombard and Lorraine Pilkington portray the unscrupulous daughters with a jagged energy; but Emma Catherwood’s engaging Jo appears somewhat out of place.

Sandeman (Richard Harris) is an aging and feared crime boss living in baronial luxury in Liverpool. However, his relaxed lifestyle is shattered when his beloved wife Mandy (Lynn Redgrave) is killed by a mugger as they return home one evening from a concert. Sandeman becomes convinced it was premeditated murder, and consumed by grief, he sets out to avenge her death. Sandeman’s rage sets him on a course of self-destruction and his three daughters begin to feel the strain. During his wife’s wake, Sandeman disowns his youngest daughter Jo (Emma Catherwood), a former drug addict, who refuses to become involved in the family empire. Meanwhile, brothel-keeper Kath (Louise Lombard) and promiscuous football-club owning Tracy (Lorraine Pilkington) begin secretly dividing up the family firm under the nose of their grieving father.

As crooked local detective Barry (Aiden Gillen) and veteran Manchester Customs officer Quick (Tom Bell) look on the violence spirals out of control as Jo’s Porsche is set alight and a bulldozer is driven in Kath’s escort parlour, Sandeman meanwhile aimlessly hunts for clues to his wife’s killers identity as his sons-in-law Dean (Paul McGann) and masochistic Jug (Jimi Mistry) seek to take advantage of his crumbling empire. As Sandeman’s options narrow, he seeks out the help of disowned daughter Jo.

Production Team

Don Boyd: Director
David Endley: Art Direction
Dewald Aukema: Cinematography
Mary-Jane Reyner: Costume Design
Adam Ross: Film Editing
Lesa Warrener: Makeup Department
Kirstin Chalmers: Makeup Department
Simon Fisher-Turner: Original Music
Deirdre Gribbin: Original Music
Gabriele Bacher: Producer
Neal Weisman: Producer
Luana Hanson: Production Design
Don Boyd: Script
Nick Davies: Script
Giancarlo Dellapina: Sound Department
Gerry O’Riordan: Sound Department
Joakim Sundström: Sound Department
Søren Bjerregaard-Ryan: Sound Department
Zane Hayward: Sound Department


Richard Harris: Sandeman
Lynn Redgrave: Mandy
Tom Bell: Quick
Emma Catherwood: Jo
Aidan Gillen: Puttnam
Louise Lombard: Kath
Paul McGann: Dean
Jimi Mistry: Jug

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