February 24, 2017


Mystery Submarine – 1962 | 92 mins | War | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Mystery Submarine

A potentially interesting scenario becomes a routine wartime naval drama under the limp direction of C.M. Pennington-Richards. Based on the play by Jon Manchip White, and using actual archive wartime footage, Mystery Submarine boats a sturdy ensemble cast but it can’t be escaped that the film appears absurdly out of time.

When the crew of German U-Boat UI53 abandon their submarine due to a chlorine gas leak the British capture the vessel in the English Channel and hastily refit the boat at Portsmouth for a secret mission. Rear Admiral Rainbird (James Robertson Justice) assigns rule-book Commander Tarlton (Edward Judd) with the task of surreptitiously joining a German wolfpack and giving away the position from which they intend to attack a Atlantic convoy. After avoiding close-calls when contacting German HQ, avoiding a British Catalina anti-sub patrol and Irishman Mike Fitzgerald’s (Arthur O’Sullivan) constant engine woes, the crew finally surface amidst the wolfpack near the Azores

When U153 surfaces, Tarlton immediately radios the Admiralty with the enemy position but a German wireless operator intercepts the message and the German U-Boat commander sets off in hot pursuit of U153. After deftly avoiding the pursuing sub Tarlton appears to have a clear run home – until the Admiralty discover there is one frigate that cannot be contacted with news that U153 is a British doppelganger.

Production Team

C.M Pennington-Richards: Director
Charles Bishop: Art Direction
Stanley Pavey: Cinematography
Bill Lewthwaite: Editing
Philip Leakey: Makeup Department
Clifton Parker: Original Music
Bertram Ostrer: Producer
Hugh Woodhouse: Script
Bertram Ostrer: Script
Jim Sibley: Sound Department
George Stephenson: Sound Department


Edward Judd: Lt Cmdr Tarlton
James Robertson Justice: RAdm Rainbird
Laurence Payne: Lt Seaton
Joachim Fuchsberger: Cmdr Scheffler
Arthur O’Sullivan: Mike Fitzgerald
Albert Lieven: Capt Neymarck
Robert Flemyng: Vice-Adm Sir James Carver
Richard Carpenter: Lt Haskins
Richard Thorp: Lt Chatterton
Jeremy Hawk: Adm Saintsbury
Robert Brown: Coxswain Drage
Frederick Jaeger: Lt Hence
George Mikell: Lt Remer
Peter Myers: Telegraphist Packshaw
Leslie Randall: Leading Seaman Donnithorne
Fulton Mackay: Leading Torpedoman McKerrow
Peter Stanwyck: Lt Lyncker

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