February 24, 2017


Never Let Go – 1960 | 94 mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Never Let Go

This stark underworld thriller punctuated by moments of savage violence features Richard Todd as timid salesmen Cummings’ who risks his job and family by confronting gangland villain Peter Sellers in his first dramatic role. John Guillermin’s direction is taut and has a degree of flair but the superficial script lacks a depth that might have made the characters more than brutal. In a rare tilt at a villainous role Peter Sellers is cast against and persuasively repellent whilst Todd is satisfactory but fails to convince.

Set in post-World War II East London, John Cummings (Richard Todd) is one of life’s near failures. A struggling cosmetics salesman for Berger, he buys a Ford Anglia that he cannot afford to insure. When it is stolen by a gang running a car theft racket, and the police offer little assistance, he vows to take the law into his own hands in order to retrieve it. The trail leads through youthful street thug Tommy (Adam Faith) to gang boss Lionel Meadows (Peter Sellers). Meadows young mistress, Jackie (Carol White), witnesses much of his bursts of violence at close quarters and fearing her lover she runs off with Tommy. Convinced that the only way to be rid of the crime boss’ evil influence is to destroy his empire, Tommy goes to the police. Meanwhile, Cummings goes to Meadows’ garage that evening to confront the crook face-to-face.

Production Team

John Guillermin: Director
George Provis: Art Direction
Christopher Challis: Cinematography
Ralph Sheldon: Film Editing
John Wilcox: Makeup Department
Maude Onslow: Makeup Department
Trevor Crole-Rees: Makeup Department
John Barry: Original Music
Peter de Sarigny: Producer
John Guillermin: Script
Alun Falconer: Script
Ken Cameron: Sound Department
Len Page: Sound Department
Lionel Selwyn: Sound Department
Ken Reynolds: Sound Department


Richard Todd: John Cummings
Peter Sellers: Lionel Meadows
Elizabeth Sellars: Anne Cummings
Adam Faith: Tommy Towers
Carol White: Jackie
Mervyn Johns: Alfie Barnes
Noel Willman: Inspector Thomas
David Lodge: Cliff
Peter Jones: Alec Berger
John Bailey: Mackinnon
Nigel Stock: Regan
John Le Mesurier: Pennington

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