February 27, 2017


Night Without Stars – 1951 | 86 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Night Without Stars

Enjoyable romantic mystery adapted by Winston Graham from his own novel and starring David Farrar as a blinded lawyer in France who finds himself caught up in post-war retribution.

he tangles with murderers, forgers and when he discovers she is the widow of a resistance fighter. He’s pushed off a cliff which forces him to get his sight restored and — very smart this — return to the Riviera still claiming to be blind so that he can trap the dirty rotters.

A British lawyer, Giles Gordon (David Farrar), partially blind during WWII retires to the French Riviera and falls in love with shop assistant Alix Delaisse (Nadia Gray), the widow of a famed French resistance fighter. The following morning, Gordon is warned off Alix by restaurateur Pierre Chaval, who claims the widow has promised to marry him. Alix is tangled up with black marketers, blackmailers and murderers from the war years and warns Gordon he must give her up and return to England.

Late one evening Gordon receives a panicked phone-call from Alix asking him to hurry to Chaval’s flat, but the blind ex-serviceman discovers a dead body and a pistol on the floor. He spends the subsequent days searching for Alix but her employers claim she has gone on holiday and that he’s the victim of a frame-up. When news reaches Gordon that Alix and Chaval have married, he decides he can’t investigate with impaired vision so returns to London for corrective surgery. The delicate operation is a success, and with his blindness cured, Gordon returns to France and fakes his former affliction in order to gather evidence.

Production Team

Anthony Pelissier: Director
Alex Vetchinsky: Art Direction
Guy Green: Cinematography
Julie Harris: Costume Design
Pierre Balmain: Costume Design
John Seabourne Sr.: Film Editing
William Alwyn: Original Music
Hugh Stewart: Producer
Winston Graham: Script
Gordon K. McCallum: Sound
John W. Mitchell: Sound


David Farrar: Giles Gordon
Clive Morton: Dr. Coulson
Robert Ayres: Walter
June Clyde: Claire
Gérard Landry: Pierre Chaval
Gilles Quéant: Inspector Deffand
Maurice Teynac: Louis Malinay
Nadia Gray: Alix Delaisse

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