February 24, 2017


Night of the Eagle – 1962 | 90mins | Horror | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Night of the Eagle

Also known as Burn, Witch, Burn! Night of the Eagle is based on Fritz Leiber’s novel Conjure Wife. The story involves sceptical psychologist Norman Taylor (Peter Wyngarde), hated by his fellow university lecturers when rumours of a major promotion circulate. Taylor discovers the upward surge of his career is not of his own doing, but is due to his wife Tansy (Janet Blair) dabbling in witchcraft she learned whilst in Jamaica. Since he is a rational and sceptic, Taylor naturally destroys all his wifeís voodoo paraphernalia despite her protestations that the spells are protecting him. Taylorís professional and personal life begins to spiral downhill as the forces of evil gather against the unguarded couple.

Production Team

Sidney Hayers: Director
Jack Shampan: Art Direction
Reginald H Wyer: Cinematography
Maude Churchill: Costume Design
Ralph Sheldon: Editing
Sophie Devine: Makeup Department
Iris Tilley: Makeup Department
David Bracknell: Makeup Department
William Alwyn: Music
Muir Mathieson: Music Direction
Samuel Z Arkoff: Producer
Albert Fennell: Producer
Fritz Leiber Jr: Script
George Baxt: Script
Richard Matheson: Script
Eric Bayman: Sound Department
Teddy Mason: Sound Department
Alastair McIntyre: Sound Department
Len Shilton: Sound Department


Peter Wyngarde: Norman Taylor
Janet Blair: Tansy Taylor
Margaret Johnston: Flora Carr
Anthony Nicholls: Harvey Sawtelle
Colin Gordon: Lindsay Carr
Kathleen Byron: Evelyn Sawtelle
Reginald Beckwith: Harold Gunnison
Jessica Dunning: Hilda Gunnison
Norman Bird: Doctor

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