February 25, 2017


Nothing But the Night – 1972 | 90 mins | Horror | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Nothing But the Night

This strange and lacklustre horror yarn was adapted from an intriguing possessionnovel by John Blackburn, unfortunately screenwriter Brian Hayles produced a scriptriddled with inconsistencies and horror stalwart Peter Sasdy directs proceedingsindifferently. The haphazard script is mostly at fault, but despite unitinggenre legends Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, the acting is a little bitover-emphatic and themost memorable turn is that of Diana Dors. This was the first and last film made CharlemagneProductions, an independent production company formed by Lee and Hammerstalwart Anthony Nelson Keys.

When thetrustees of a children’s charity suddenly start committing suicide,semi-retired Special Branch Colonel Bingham (Christopher Lee) suspects foulplay and proceeds to investigate what is going on at the Van Traylen trust orphanageon the Scottish island of Barra. Meanwhile, one of the children, Mary Valley, is under the treatment ofpsychiatrist Dr. Haynes (Keith Barron) for injuries sustained in a bus crashthat killed three more trustees.  Hermother, coarse Anna Harb (Diana Dors), maintains her daughter is in danger and should bereturned to her and not the orphanage. When her daughter is returned to theorphanage, her mother explodes into a rage and threatens revenge.

Bingham andpathologist Sir Mark Ashley (Peter Cushing) head to the orphanage’s remoteScottish isle when news comes through that Anna Harb’s car has been seen on theferry crossing. The police, led by Cameron (Fulton Mackay), flood the island ona manhunt for supposed dangerous lunatic Harb but fail to locate her. Laterthat evening the orphanage plans a bonfire party for Mary Valley, but to hisdismay Bingham discovers that the children are not as innocent and helpless asthey seem to be.

Production Team

Peter Sasdy: Director
Colin Grimes: Art Direction
Kenneth Talbot: Cinematography
Keith Palmer: Film Editing
Eddie Knight: Makeup Department
Patricia McDermott: Makeup Department
Malcolm Williamson: Original Music
Anthony Nelson Keys: Producer
Christopher Lee: Producer
Brian Hayles: Script
Ken Barker: Sound Department
Don Challis: Sound Department
Danny Daniel: Sound Department


Christopher Lee: Col Charles Bingham
Peter Cushing: Sir Mark Ashley
Diana Dors: Anna Harb
Georgia Brown: Joan Foster
Keith Barron: Dr Haynes
Gwyneth Strong: Mary Valley
Fulton Mackay: Cameron
John Robinson: Lord Fawnlee
Morris Perry: Dr Yeats
Michael Gambon: Insp Grant

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