February 27, 2017


Oh Daddy! – 1935 | 77 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Oh Daddy!

Lord Pye (Leslie Henson) is altogether bored with life with his Uncle, a puritanical tyrant. His inimitable secretary, Rupert (Robertson Hare), feels it is his duty to uplift his master’s spirits at every opportunity so heartily agrees with him no matter what he says. This tendency leads to much confusion when Pye misses his train connection and books into a London hotel. He unwittingly falls for the stepdaughter he has never met, a cabaret artist, Benita (Frances Day), and wishes to win her affections. Added to this, his displeased relatives make his path to happiness less than straightforward when arriving unannounced.

Production Team

Graham Cutts: Director
Austin Melford: Director
Ernö Metzner: Art Direction
Mutz Greenbaum: Cinematography
Berleo: Costume Design
Charles Frend: Film Editing
Sam Coslow: Original Music
Louis Levy: Original Music
Michael Balcon: Producer
Michael Powell: Script
Austin Melford: Script
Ernst Bach: Script
Franz Arnold: Script
A Birch: Sound Department


Leslie Henson: Lord Pye
Frances Day: Benita de Lys
Robertson Hare: Rupert Boddy
Marie Lohr: Lady Pye

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