February 26, 2017


Oh, Rosalinda!! – 1955 | 101 mins | Musical | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Oh, Rosalinda!!

In Vienna, governed by Russia, Austria, Britain and Prussia, Dr Falke, known as ‘The Bat’, is brought before the four-powered court after being made the victim of practical jokers Colonel Eisenstein and his wife Rosalinda. The authorities send for Eisenstein, who is confined to barracks for eight days.

As further revenge, Falke persuades Eisenstein to attend a masked ball without Rosalinda, who is visited by old flame Captain Alfred Westerman. Major Frank mistakes Westerman for Eisenstein and takes him into custody. Falke telephones Rosalinda and invites her to the ball where Eisenstein, not recognising her, immediately begins to flirt with her. She leaves suddenly, taking with her Eisenstein’s watch. At the barracks, Eisenstein finds Alfred in the cell intended for him, wearing his own dressing gown. He storms out to confront Rosalinda, followed by Alfred and Major Frank.

Falke and his guests eavesdrop as Eisenstein accuses his wife of being unfaithful with Alfred until Rosalinda produces the watch as proof of his own flirtatious ways. They realise that Falke has been behind the entire plot.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Emeric Pressburger: Director
Arthur Lawson: Art Direction
Sydney Streeter: Associate Producer
John Pellatt: Asst Director
Christopher Challis: Cinematography
Reginald Mills: Editing
Johann Strauß: Music
Emeric Pressburger: Producer
Michael Powell: Producer
Hein Heckroth: Production Design
Charles Orme: Production Management
Michael Powell: Script
Emeric Pressburger: Script


Anthony Quayle: General Orlovsky
Anton Walbrook: Dr Falke
Dennis Price: Major Frank
Michael Redgrave: Colonel Eisenstein
Ludmilla Tcherina: Rosalinda
Mel Ferrer: Capt Alfred Westerman
Anneliese Rothenberger: Adele
Oskar Sima: Frosch

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