February 24, 2017


Orders Are Orders – 1954 | 78mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Orders Are Orders

Bilchester Barracks is invaded by Waggermeyer Pictures, who have plans for a science fiction film. The entire barracks is persuaded by the female film stars to take part in the film-to the annoyance of the Divisional Commander, who makes a surprise inspection. He is mollified only when the Band performs a pseudonymous composition of his. In the end he persuades the film company to finish their work in a nearby haunted house. This dire comedy, loosely based on a play of 1932, is enlivened only by Sidney James’s unlikely American accent, and Tony Hancock‘s droll performance as the Bandmaster.

Production Team

David Paltenghi: Director
Arthur Grant: Cinematography
Stanley Black: Original Music
Donald Taylor: Producer
Donald Taylor: Script
Eric Sykes: Script
Geoffrey Orme: Script
Anthony Armstrong: Script


Bill Fraser: Pvt Slee
Margot Grahame: Wanda Sinclair
Maureen Swanson: Joanne Delamere
June Thorburn: Veronica Bellamy
Raymond Huntley: Colonel Bellamy
Peter Sellers: Private Goffin
Brian Reece: Captain Harper
Sid James: Ed Waggermeyer
Tony Hancock: Lt Wilfred Cartroad
Donald Pleasence: Corporal Martin
Eric Sykes: Pvt Waterhouse

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