February 24, 2017


Orders Is Orders – 1933 | 62 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Orders Is Orders

Burlesque comedy about American film production and British Army red tape, involving a Hollywood director (James Gleason) taking over an army camp to add a realistic touch for what eventually turns out to be an Arabian epic with the Colonel (Cyril Maude) persuaded to play the lead. A court-martial looms for the Colonel but his reputation is saved by the accidental destruction of the film.

Production Team

Walter Forde: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
Glen MacWilliams: Cinematography
Michael Balcon: Producer
Leslie Arliss: Script
Sidney Gilliat: Script
James Gleason: Script
Ian Hay): Script


Charlotte Greenwood: Wanda
James Gleason: Ed Waggermeyer
Cyril Maude: Col Bellamy
Finlay Currie: Dave
Percy Parsons: Zingbaum
Cedric Hardwicke: Brigadier
Donald Calthrop: Pavey
Ian Hunter: Capt Harper
Jane Carr: Patricia Bellamy
Ray Milland: Dashwood

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