February 23, 2017


Perfect Strangers – 1945 | 102 mins | Drama, War | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Perfect Strangers

Comedy drama produced and directed by Alexander Korda about a husband and wife who separate during the war, and meet intending to divorce years later. This engaging and sympathetic story authentically portrays the difficulties of couples separated by conflict and the complexity of having to settle down again. Co-written by Clemence Dane and Anthony Pelissier, Dane deservedly won an Academy Award for supplying the best original film story of the year. There are sober performances from the attractive leads, but the film is stolen by co-star Glynis Johns. Ann Todd and Roland Culver are excellent in the support roles.

Dull office clerk Robert Wilson (Robert Donat) and his stuffy homely wife Cathy (Deborah Kerr) are locked in a staid and indifferent marriage. When WWII breaks out, he joins the navy and she becomes a Wren. Their separate wartime experiences transform them; the once timid Bob becomes confident and meets an attractive widowed nurse, whilst the blowsy Cathy meets the worldly Richard (Roland Culver) and his self-assured sister Dizzy (Glynis Johns). Finally, after three years apart they are granted simultaneous leave, but both feel they have changed and are only duty-bound to return to their needy partner. When the nervy couple are finally re-united both believe divorce is the only option, but then stubbornly both begin to defend themselves and how they are not the dreary individual they once were.

Production Team

Vincent Korda: Art Directiion
Georges Périnal: Cinematography
Edward B. Jarvis: Film Editing
Marjorie Whittle: Makeup Department
Muir Mathieson: Music Dierection
Clifton Parker: Original Music
Alexander Korda: Producer
Ian Dalrymple: Producer
Anthony Pelissier: Script
Clemence Dane: Script
C.C. Stevens: Sound
A.W. Watkins: Sound
Clemence Dane: Story
Alexander Korda: Writer


Deborah Kerr: Catherine Wilson
Robert Donat: Robert Wilson
Roland Culver: Richard
Ann Todd: Elena
Glynis Johns: Dizzy Clayton

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