February 25, 2017


Princess Charming – 1934 | 74 mins | Musical | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Princess Charming

Weak romantic musical. A princess (Evelyn Laye) in a small European country marries a captain of the guard (Henry Wilcoxon) in order to escape revolutionaries – despite being engaged to the ruler of an adjoining country. When he refuses to annul the marriage upon reaching the safety of the ruling king’s palace, the captain is arrested, but the princess hatches an escape plan to ensure their happiness.

Production Team

Maurice Elvey: Director
Erno Metzner: Art Direction
Mutz Greenbaum: Cinematography
Derek N Twist: Editing
Ray Noble: Original Music
Michael Balcon: Producer
Lauri Wylie Additional dialogue by L duGarde Peach: Script
Arthur Wimpert: Script
Robert Edmunds: Script
AL Douglas: Sound Department


Evelyn Laye: Princess Elaine
George Grossmith: King of Aufland
Yvonne Arnaud: Countess Annette
Max Miller: Chuff
Ivor McLaren: Ernest
Finlay Currie: Seegman

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