February 26, 2017


Pulp – 1972 | 92 mins | Comedy, Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis


The year after Get Carter, Hodges teamed up with Michael Caine again, this time relaxing the tension and playing for laughs in this well-written comedy thriller.

Michael Caine is pulp fiction writer Mickey King, who finds life mirroring his art when he is asked to ghost-write the memoirs of a mystery celebrity. King is taken to meet his subject on a remote island by attractive Liz Adams (Nadia Cassini), once there he meets Preston Gilbert. Gilbert is an obnoxious and abusive over-the-hill film star with a speciality for playing gangsters, and suspected of having Mafia connections. Gilbert encourages King to take down notes of his colourful life and invites him to attend a party later in the day; while at the party, gunshots ring out and Gilbert is found dead. King now decides on amateur detective work to seek the reasons for the actors murder and at the same time put his own life in jeopardy.

Production Team

Mike Hodges: Director
Darrell Lass: Art Direction
Ousama Rawi: Cinematography
Gitt Magrini: Costume Design
John Glen: Editing
George Partleton: Make-up Department
Mike Jones: Make-up Department
Paul Engelen: Make-up Department
George Martin: Music
Michael Klinger: Producer
Patrick Downing: Production Design
Mike Hodges: Script
Peter Horrocks: Sound Department
Gerry Humphries: Sound Department
Christian Wangler: Sound Department


Michael Caine: Mickey King
Mickey Rooney: Preston Gilbert
Lionel Stander: Ben Dinuccio
Lizabeth Scott: Princess Betty Cippola
Nadia Cassini: Liz Adams
Dennis Price: Mysterious Englishman

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