February 26, 2017


Rescued by Rover – 1905 | 6 mins | Drama | B&W, Silent

Plot Synopsis

Rescued by Rover

The most successful British film in 1905 was Rescued By Rover, a six-minute drama produced by pioneering Cecil Hepworth. Rover the family dog, the world’s first dog star, real name Blair, not only saves a baby from thieving gypsies but also brings the wrongdoer to justice. The film embraces limited cross-cutting shots linking the locales of the baby and worried parents. Hepworth’s family acted in what was an important film in the history of early cinema.

Production Team

Lewin Fitzhamon: Director
Cecil M Hepworth: Director
Cecil M Hepworth: Cinematography
Cecil M Hepworth: Producer


Barbara Hepworth: The baby
Cecil M Hepworth: Harassed father

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