February 22, 2017


Rockets Galore! – 1958 | 94 mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Rockets Galore!

Rank’s belated sequel to the Ealing hit Whisky Galore(1948) was adapted from another whimsical Compton Mackenzie novel by scriptwriterMonja Danischewsky who, from the position of associate producer, had foughtAlexander Mackendrick over the first film’s script. A rare attempt at whimsy bysocial drama stalwarts Michael Relph and Basil Dearden, it’s an amiable ifunexceptional successor that fails to capture the charm †and satirical humour of the original.

The RAF plan to build a new missile instillation onthe tiny Hebridean island of Todday, and despatch Squadron Leader Hugh Mander (DonaldSinden) to gauge the islandersí response. The locals are up in arms when theydiscover the plans to site a guided missile base in their midst and evictedsome of the islanders to the mainland, and resort to such quaint defensive tacticsas painting seagulls pink to mobilise the naturalist lobby.

Production Team

Michael Relph: Director
Jack Maxsted: Art Direction
Reginald H Wyer: Cinematography
Yvonne Caffin: Costume Design
John D Guthridge: Film Editing
RL Alexander: Makeup Department
Cedric Thorpe Davie: Original Music
Basil Dearden: Producer
Monja Danischewsky: Script
Arthur Cox: Sound Department
Bill Daniels: Sound Department
Geoffrey Daniels: Sound Department


Jeannie Carson: Janet Macleod
Donald Sinden: Hugh Mander
Roland Culver: Captain Waggett
Catherine Lacey: Mrs Waggett
Noel Purcell: Father James
Ian Hunter: Air Commodore Watchorn
Duncan Macrae: Duncan Ban
Jean Cadell: Mrs Campbell
Gordon Jackson: George Campbell
Nicholas Phipps: Andrew Wishart
Ronnie Corbett: Drooby
James Copeland: Kenny McLeod
John Stevenson Lang: Reverend Angus
Reginald Beckwith: Mumford
John Laurie: Capt MacKechnie

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