February 24, 2017


Sebastian – 1968 | 100 mins | Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis


Oxford professor Sebastian offers Becky Howard a job in his Secret Service code-breaking department, but when Elsa Shahn leaks information to a left-wing organisation he is forced to resign. The Head of Intelligence asks Sebastian’s help in breaking a new code used by Russian satellites. Becky has meanwhile left the department and Sebastian finally locates her, discovering that she has a child – his son. Playing with the infant, the sound of the baby’s rattle suddenly gives him a vital clue to the new code.

Production Team

David Greene: Director
Fred Carter: Art Direction
John Pellatt: Associate Producer
Gerald Fisher: Cinematography
Brian Smedley-Aston: Editing
Jerry Goldsmith: Music
Michael Powell: Producer
Herbert Brodkin: Producer
Gerry Fisher: Producer
Clifton Brandon: Production Management
Gerald Vaughan-Hughes: Script
Leo Marks: Script
HL Bird: Sound
Gerry Humphreys: Sound


Dirk Bogarde: Sebastian
Nigel Davenport: Gen Phillips
John Gielgud: Head of Intelligence
Susannah York: Becky Howard
Lilli Palmer: Elsa Shahn
Ronald Fraser: Toby
Ann Beach: Pamela
Veronica Clifford: Ginny
Alan Freeman: TV Disc Jockey
Donald Sutherland: Ackerman
Margaret Johnston: Miss Elliott
James Belchamber: Man with Dog
Janet Munro: Carol Fancy

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