February 26, 2017


Sentenced for Life – 1960 | 64 mins | Crime, Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Sentenced for Life

Danziger Brothers crime drama directed by Max Varnel,son of Marcel Varnel. This run-of-the-mill melodrama has a touch of wartime espionage thrown in to liven up the incredibly weak plot but youíll struggle to stay awake whilst Francis Matthews attempts to resolve a miscarriage of justice.

In wartime Britain, engineer John Richards (Jack Gwillim) is wrongly convicted of selling secrets to enemy agents and sentenced to life in prison. Suspecting that his former partner, Ralph Thompson (Basil Dignam),may have framed him, Richards enlists the aid of his law student son, Jim (Francis Matthews), to investigate the case. His son takes an impartial view to his fatherís case and sets about investigating his former partner by ingratiating himself with Thompsonís daughter Sue (Jill Williams).

Production Team

Max Varnel: Director
Norman G Arnold: Art Direction
SD Onions: Cinematography
Tony Crombie: Original Music
Albert Elms: Original Music
Harry Lee Danziger: Producer
Edward J Danziger: Producer
Mark Grantham: Script
Eldon Howard: Script
W Anson Howell: Sound Department


Francis Matthews: Jim Richards
Jill Williams: Sue Thompson
Basil Dignam: Ralph Thompson
Jack Gwillim: John Richards
Lorraine Clewes: Mrs Richards
Mark Singleton: Edward Thompson
Arnold Bell: Williams

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