February 26, 2017


Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – 2010 | 115 mins | Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Debut Mat Whitecrossí frenetic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is the latest film to draw inspiration from the UKís rich musical heritage by telling the turbulent tale of the late, great Ian Dury. Dury, lead singer of the Blockheads was severely disabled by polio as a boy yet defied the odds to become one of Britainís most original and influential singer-songwriters. Andy Serkis delivers a rewarding performance as the flamboyant frontman; showing the singers self-destructive anger and moments of subtle tenderness. The exceptional Bill Milner plays Ianís errant son Baxter with Olivia Williams as his first wife Betty, Naomie Harris plays Ianís on-off girlfriend Denise and Tom Hughes plays Chaz Jankel, Ianís songwriting partner in the Blockheads. The cast is rounded out by Toby Jones as Hargreaves, the young Ianís tyrant schoolmaster, Noel Clarke as sound engineer Desmond, Mackenzie Crook as Russell, Ianís bandmate in the ĎKilburn & the High Roadsí and Ray Winstone as Ianís dad Bill.

This colourful and caustic biopic appealingly captures a genuine original who overcame polio to blend music-hall and poetic punk and shot to fame, with his band The Blockheads, all-too-briefly in the late 70s with hits like Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Away from music, the story focuses Dury’s inner-demons and complex family relationship with his wife, teenage-tearaway girlfriend, distant father and off-the-rails son. Rather than a conventional chronological biopic, the story is told using chaotically-directed surreal flashbacks and off-kilter imagery in a manner as manic as the singer himself.

Production Team

Mat Whitecross: Director
Sophie Hervieu: Art Direction
Christopher Ross: Cinematography
Brian Tufano: Cinematography
Joanna Eatwell: Costume Design
Peter Christelis: Film Editing
Jacqueline Fowler: Makeup Department
Debbie Moxey: Makeup Department
Heather Pitchford: Makeup Department
Simon Rose: Makeup Department
Helen Speyer: Makeup Department
Zoey Stones: Makeup Department
Chaz Jankel: Original Music
Damian Jones: Producer
Richard Bullock: Production Design
Paul Viragh: Script
Sean Hannah: Sound
Michael Feinberg: Sound
Tim Barker: Sound
Peter Baldock: Sound
Nick Baldock: Sound
Rob Hughes: Sound


Noel Clarke: Desmond / Sparky
Mackenzie Crook: Russell
Toby Jones: Hargreaves
Naomie Harris: Denise
Bill Milner: Baxter
Luke Evans: Clive
Olivia Williams: Betty
Ray Winstone: Bill Dury
Andy Serkis: Ian Dury

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